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A Zoho implementation can be challenging and stressful.

You can underestimate implementation requirements

Your data could be duplicated or dirty

Your employees might not get sufficient training

You can demotivate your sales team

You can focus excessively on the technology

You can over customize Zoho

Let’s have a conversation that will help you gain clarity on how to avoid these mistakes and other ones as you implement Zoho.

What can you expect?

1. Before the call

You will receive a guide from one of our consultants with questions to help you prepare and make the most of our conversation.

2. During the call

You will explain the outcomes you wish to attain and share your concerns. Based on your key priorities, we will share with you three to five mistakes companies make when implementing Salesforce.

3. After the call

If we both agree working together will bring value to your organization, we will schedule time for a needs analysis workshop so we can prepare a Statement of Work.

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